#HanksOnTheHill is rocking that Grilled Mahi Mahi with Coconut Lime Rice and Ranchero Sauce!!

Seared Scallop Saturday at #HanksOnTheHill today! Yes please!

Aw yeah!! Grilled mahi mahi w/ risotto pea shoots smoked lemon & wild mushrooms at #HanksOnTheHill tonight!

HaCkeD By Dr.Silnt HilL

Drunken Surf & Turf Appetizer @ HOT!! Crayfish, Smoked Chorizo, in a Spicy Tequila, Lime & cilantro Infused Butter Sauce!

HaCkEd By GeNErAL HaCkEr

This is how we celebrate Valentine’s Day at #HanksOnTheHill! Treat yo’self!

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to try #HanksDupont’s Aphrodisiac Tasting! Stop by tonight to try the foods that bring us closer together!

Lobster Beer Stock + all the seafood = epic lunch at #HanksOnTheHill today!!

Hacked By Shade