October 23, 2023 | 6-8pm

Hank's Dupont Circle

Calling all bao enthusiasts and food lovers! Get ready for a mouthwatering experience as we team up with our friends, Angry Bao, to host a bao-making popup event at Hank’s Dupont Circle on Monday, October 23.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a shot of soju and shishito pepper snacks. Take a seat and watch as Angry Bao Chef Steve Kim demonstrates the art of crafting the perfect bao. Following the demo, we will provide you with bao dough to roll and shape to perfection. While your creations are left to proof, we will conduct a session on crafting creole remoulade, ensuring you leave with a delectable souvenir. The kitchen will stuff your bao with fillings — and as they steam to perfection, immerse yourself in a captivating history lesson on soju and relish a refreshing soju highball. Finally, enjoy two baos — your choice of mushroom, fried oyster, or fried chicken!

Once the bao-making class concludes, we invite you to stay for dinner.


$65 per person, Monday, October 23 from 6-8pm