Sunday, August 11 | 4-6pm

Hank's Old Town

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of oysters with Sarah Matheson of Matheson Oyster Co. as she returns for an extraordinary workshop at Hank’s Old Town on Sunday, August 11 from 4-6pm.

Kick off your evening with a delectable Oyster Shooter, setting the stage for the culinary adventure ahead. Join Sarah for an in-depth Oyster 101 session where you’ll explore the nuances of oyster farming, conservation efforts, and the anatomy of these exquisite mollusks.

Taste a diverse selection of oysters from Virginia, the East Coast, the West Coast, and Kumumoto. Enjoy the distinct flavors and textures of each variety as you explore different cooking techniques, including frying, baking, and stewing.

Finish the evening by mastering the art of oyster shucking with Sarah’s expert guidance. Gain hands-on experience and learn the secrets to this skill.

As a token of appreciation, you’ll take home a curated selection of goodies, including half a dozen fresh oysters, an oyster knife, a shucking glove, a branded oyster towel, Hank’s Cocktail Sauce, and recipe cards.


$65 per person.